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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

I Think Homer Simpson May Be On To Something

The weeks leading up to the holidays were exceptionally busy for our family (which explains my blogging silence), with the top-3 developments being: 1) we adopted a second dog (yes, we're crazy); 2) all 4 kids were truly ill, and have continued to be for the past month; and 3) I got a job!

Perhaps it was all this extra stress on top of the usual holiday busyness, or maybe my kids are just going through a really annoying phase, but this Christmas season I did not have "peace" and "joy" at the forefront of my thoughts. Nope. Rather, the past few weeks I've wanted to throttle my young'uns more than at any other time.

Please understand that we did enjoy many moments of fun preparing for and celebrating Christmas --it wasn't a total wash. And, most important, I did not in any way actually throttle my kids. I just really, really wanted to. I even began to understand Homer Simpson and the impetus for his over-the-top methods of discipline.

I've reached previously-unknown levels of anger before in response to my boys' periodic misdeeds --you know, all that stuff that makes parents crazy, like non-stop complaining, outrageous fickleness, baiting you to see how you react... But for the past few weeks it has seemed that we spend all day, every day mired in these behaviours.

And this affliction of sour-puss-ness has beset not just one, but all of the boys. So I've been trying to deal with one insolent lad and have had the others, one after another, add their own needs to the mix, always things that require my immediate intervention. The net result is that I feel like I whirl from one problem to the next until we finally wrestle the kids into bed.

I admit that I found this year's holiday a bit disappointing, as a lot of things didn't get done or felt rushed due to everyone's crankiness or low energies. But the reason I share our experience is to let anyone else who needs it know that sometimes family celebrations fall a little short of the Norman Rockwell ideal, and that in those moments we all identify a little with Homer Simpson. (*Though we never behave like Homer Simpson, because we are the adults, we know better and that would never be okay.)

So... how was your holiday?

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