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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Chirp Birthday Cake For Daddy

When I asked my boys what kind of cake they'd like to make for their dad's birthday, my oldest --without a second's hesitation-- stated, "A Chirp cake!"

Owl Kids' "Chirp" magazine
For the uninitiated, "Chirp" is the central figure of the Canadian pre-schooler magazine called... wait for it... "Chirp." He's an unidentified yellow chick-thing and he has various (short) adventures with his pals Squawk and Tweet in each issue of the magazine. Yes, sounds weird, but I've slowly realized that media aimed at children with any popularity is undeniably weird. At least, I don't get it half the time. (Yo Gabba Gabba? Toopy and Binoo? What bent minds thought these up?)

What I do love about "Chirp" magazine is that it's

  • Canadian, meaning it references Canadian experiences and measures metric (except for recipes);
  • largely advertisement-free, unlike other kids magazines I've seen which are choc-full of ads;
  • very interactive: each issue offers activities, games, crafts, and imagination fodder;
  • overall a good product and well-done!
 The latest issue had a recipe for a Chirp cake, and clearly the kids were eager to try it out. Even with several sous-chefs, pretty good, non?

Whadda ya mean I can't eat any more icing?

Putting the fate of the cake in the hands of a 3-yr-old
Lookin' good!
Ta da!

1 comment:

  1. Great job, and happy birthday D! the shade of yellow is spot on ! We enjoy Chirp in these parts as well.


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