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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

PetFinder.com - Adopt a Pet, Get a Friend

A friend recently commented to me that I haven't posted anything in a bit. Sorry! In looking back, it seems that I spent the moments that I usually use to write posts, searching for a second dog instead.
Our handsome boy, Dunlop

"What!?!" you say. Yes, probably crazy. (I was saved from myself by the fact that the various dogs I was interested in invariably got adopted just before I made an inquiry.) But with the good weather, I'm being constantly reminded of Dunlop, our border collie/German shepherd mutt who died last fall.

Loved to hike...
In one corner of the garden are the baby bleeding heart plants that somehow survived Dunlop digging them up last summer, just after I'd put them in the ground. Over in another corner is the spot that we filled in, and filled in, and filled in again when Dunny in his crazy way kept digging a barrel-sized hole in the earth. And who's going to pee all over my sprouting coneflowers and tender coral bell, killing everything touched by the acidic stream?
...and share a good cuddle. (That's me, pregnant with our first.)

We're fortunate enough to still have one dog to hog the duvet at night. And we do feel very lucky to have had Dunlop as part of our family for seven years.

Hangin' with grandma
But I have returned to periodically checking petfinder.com. It's an umbrella website that hosts postings by various shelters and rescue groups of adoptable animals: dogs, cats, small furry things, farm animals... There are babies, youngsters, adults. Breed specific or lots of different mutts! Your search criteria can be wide open or really narrow.

Loungin' with the kid
Both Dunlop and our surviving dog were Pet Finder scores (as was one of our cats). So, if you're looking for a pet, save a life and adopt a rescue! You'll be more than compensated with love in return...

Both our dogs, at the beach

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  1. Yeah! for PetFinder. A colleague just welcomed a 6 month rescue. A house is not a home without a dog or two!


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