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Saturday, 24 March 2012

What's With The Picture?

Most "small" blogs that I've seen are complemented by lovely pictures. Nothing extravagant, but well-shot, in focus, etc. But not here! Nope, the Realistic Mummy photos are... ummm... poorly-lit, fuzzy and rather amateurish-looking, right? Well, that's how we roll in this family, and the photos prove it.

The reality behind my photos is simple: I'm usually somewhat frazzled and disorganized. (Just ask my oldest's teacher about the instances when I honestly lose track of time and forget to pick him up from JK.) 

The thought of photos is typically absent from my brain until I'm about to publish a post. So, I haven't time (or inclination) to wait and devise a lovely scene to capture. And I'm usually writing and publishing while sitting in my dimly-lit bedroom trying to settle our baby. So, I grab the handiest photo-taking device (my cell phone or a cheapie point-and-shoot with no flash), take a shot of something tangentially relevant and make that post public!

Other moms I know seem to be ever camera-ready. Not me. I forget to bring a camera. Or I bring it and then leave it, untouched, in my bag. Or I actually get it out and have all my subjects scatter like roaches when the light goes on.

My dream is to one day own a snazzy digital SLR. Then I can really take good pictures. Then again, maybe I'll still just forget it in my bag...

In the meantime, I take ownership of my blurry, under-exposed, flat photos! Hey, I might even convince myself that they exemplify what the Realistic Mummy blog is about: not having your stuff together and accepting that, in truth, no one has it all together.  

Vive le fuzzy photo!

(Nonetheless, in honour of good photos everywhere, this post will not contain any of the typical shoddy things that pass for photos in this blog.)


  1. dslr: easier said than done (imo). try taking a picture with the baby in one arm and holding one of the twins in the other ...

    1. It's true that a better camera won't give me an extra set of arms! I just hope that if the end product is of better quality, it will encourage me to try harder to take pictures at all! :)


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